Classes and Mentoring

saranam Your ability as a healer to effect physical, emotional and energetic change is directly related to your ability to access the higher energies of the Divine Source. In this way, healing ability is actually a side-effect of your spiritual practice, because as you gain access to higher and higher states of consciousness and become a pure and open channel to more and more powerful Divine Light, your ability as a healer becomes greater and greater. Service and devotion are prerequisites, because it is your desire to serve the Divine Source and your devotion to that service that puts you in alignment.

I can give instruction on advanced meditation and clearing techniques to enable you to experience more of your multidimensional self and clear your energy field more easily, so you can radiate Love freely and be the shining beacon of Light that you truly are, enabling you to access more of your Divine potential and improve your ability as a healer or practitioner.

I can also teach advanced energy techniques for body alignment and physical well-being.

Contact me for individual instruction and empowerment sessions, and for weekend or week-long immersions to go deeper on your journey of self-discovery.

If you have a group of 3 people or more, we can arrange a class or workshop here in Mount Shasta, or if you can pay my travel expenses, I may be able to come to your town, if it's not too far from Mount Shasta.

Contact me, and we can discuss the details.


saranam Join Deborah and Saranam for a one-day intensive training to learn revolutionary, paradigm-shifting energy clearing and management techniques from two experienced Mt. Shasta practitioners. We will teach you self-empowering healing modalities for you to take charge of your own energy field.

We will give you an introduction to working with your energy field, including grounding, clearing and expansion. demonstrate and teach specific and more in-depth empowering energy clearing techniques in an interactive and collaborative process. Then, after we break for lunch, we will delve into more complex energy issues including entities, challenging cords, patterns from past lives and childhood experiences, energy parasites, etheric devices or implants, and more.
(Bring a bag lunch if desired or there is quick take out nearby.)

Special introductory rate of $111 per person.
(Date to be Announced)